We’re running for a stronger and more inclusive community. Our vision for Lansing includes:


  • Community is everything in Lansing.  I’ll fight to prioritize our neighborhoods in our budget. We can’t afford to lose any more schools or parks; the cornerstones of our communities. .
  • We also recognize the importance that local activists make in our communities. We’ll push for stronger community centers with grant writers to fight for every dollar in our city.
  • Parks and Recreation 

    • Green spaces are vital for a thriving community. Recently in Lansing we’ve carpeted our most beloved parks with steel and concrete. This has to stop. I vow that we won’t lose a single additional park if I’m your representative. We’ll work to modernize our existing parks and make them community hubs once again.
    • Sustainable economic development

      • We all want development and business coming into Lansing. It enriches our community and brings jobs to Lansing. But we need more community input on taxpayer-funded projects; especially when we’re dishing out TENS OF MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars. We’re going to put developers and community residents together to negotiate on how to best benefit our city.

      Working Hard for Workers

      • Almost 1 in 5 of our friends and neighbors in Lansing are living below the poverty line. We realize this is unacceptable and unconscionable. We’ll fight for more apprenticeship programs and school-to-skilled trade pipeline programs.
      • We understand what unionized labor has done for us historically. We’re going to fight for our unionized brothers and sisters for fairer treatment in government bids.

      Environmental Sustainability

      • Renewable energy is cheaper than ever and provides more jobs than coal and natural gas. We are going to retrofit all municipal buildings with clean, renewable energy that will create jobs and launch Lansing into a 21st century energy grid.

    Increasing Civic Engagement

    • I’m very worried at the lack of civic engagement in Lansing during our local elections. Larger voter turnout creates a better and more equitable city. I support increasing the City Clerk Office’s budget. We need to increase absentee voting, early in-person voting, and expand outreach to all communities leading up to election day.
    • Additionally, we need to increase youth participation in our government. All elected officials need to be proactive in reaching out to youth in our public schools system and providing a pathway for them to get involved with government. Our city is their future and everything we do affects them. I support creating a Youth Caucus that works in tangent with City Council.

    Centralized food options

    • We’re going to fight to bring a full-service grocery store into Lansing. Too many of our friends and neighbors are unable to access a full-functioning market.